Solution Masterclass

Take your business to the next level with our Solution Masterclass ever created. The only course
where 95% of it is hands on and face-to-face for 12 months.

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Platnin Streaming

There's a new generation of creative minds in the world that have a clear message they want to share
with the world. See them. Hear them. Support them.

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premium consulting

Tamin Studios consulting gives you expert insight on every aspect of your business so that you can
make wise decisions that will take your company forward.

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Video Prodution

The most powerful and effective way to reach your targeted audience.
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Digital Marketing

We make it easier for people to find your business on Google.
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Business Consulting

A strong online presence that establishes your brand online.
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Get Inspired Vlog

Our premium vlog contains powerful information that will take your business to the next level

Passionate About Finding Solutions

Let me help you solve the three biggest challenges stopping your company from going to the next level.


Premium services to get to the next level in business

Market research

Market research

Understanding what's happening in your industry plays a vital role in you becoming the leader

Cognitive Solution

Cognitive Solution

Regardless of what challenges your business is currently facing, there's a solution for it
Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

It's time to stop guessing what works and apply industry proven techniques that get results
Audit Assurance

Audit Assurance

It's important to take a full audit of your entire business so that you know what's going on

Effective Planning

Effective Planning

You need to have a game plan that everyone on your team can follow and effective execute
Analytic Solution  

Analytic Solution  

You have to know your analytics to know what's working and what needs improvement

Ready To Go
Film Crew!

Our in house professional film crew including actors, actress, DP, etc are ready to take on a project of any size .

Real Professionals

Our team consists of professionals who've been in the movie, TV industry for several years.

Our team consists of professionals who've been in the movie, TV industry for several years.

High End Equipment

With the ability to shoot in 4K raw, we can turn your projects into something spectacular.

Audience Retention

We can help you create videos that will connect with your audience on an emotional level.

In The Mix

Stay in the mix with the latest and most effective ways to convey your message with video.


Training To Set Your Business Apart

Our Solution Masterclass for businesses and entrepreneur is a 10 level hands-on, face-to-face training course that will help you turn your business challenges into profits...guaranteed! Complete in one month or 12's up to you!

The Power of An Idea

Never underestimate the power of a though or a idea

Managing Time & People

Learn how to maximize your time and motivate your team

Going Global

Your brand has the power to go global and change lives

Marketing & Ecommerce

Sell products or services online and find solutions for others

Create Amazing Websites

Create a website that rightfully represents your brand

Building Confidence

Your confidence determines how successful you become

Build a System

A well-built system can be replicated over and over again

The Power of Video

Video is the most powerful way to connect with people

Influence & Creativity

Learn productive ways to increase your sphere of influence

Companies we've trained or worked with

Party City
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